"The garden of  the gods"




Welcome to the Walhalla, South Carolina web site.  As you explore these pages, use the directory to your left to become better acquainted with our town, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the northwestern part of South Carolina.  The colonists who settled Walhalla were primarily of German descent, while the famous Stumphouse Tunnel brought many Scotch-Irish, men who were used to working underground.  Named “Walhalla” formally on March 8, 1850, it is the English version of “Valhalla,” which is the Garden of the Gods in Norse Mythology.  Along with the permanent settlers Walhalla was the summer home of the well-to-do families of Charleston, some traveling on up in the mountains to Highlands, NC.  Women and children were sent from the coast during the hot summer months to avoid the low country diseases such as typhoid and yellow fever, polio, and other maladies.

Walhalla was a planned town, and still is for the most part, with three primary streets running east and west while the secondary streets run north and south.  This grid provides “blocks” where homes and businesses are located.


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***  Walhalla's New Swimming Pool is Now Open ***

Mayor Danny Edwards checks to insure everything is ready