Mission Statement


Welcome to the Walhalla, SC website.

Walhalla.co hopes to create an on-line community that facilitates the exchange of ideas, stories, interesting people and events with the common thread being “Walhalla, SC.”  This site is designed primarily for user input.  Content will be supplied by those willing to get involved and share their knowledge and experiences.  This format is referred to as a “wiki” design or schema.  Initially, there are few rules.  Nearly anything suitable for family viewing may be posted.  Submitted material will be screened by an Editorial Committee.  The user community is asked to make comments regarding fact and or acceptability of published material.

While "fact" is encouraged, hearsay and allegation sometime make for a better narrative, therefore considerable license is allowed as long as no one files an objection.  Complaints will be kept confidential and should be directed to the webmaster at webmstrwalhalla@aol.com.


·         Until the security and blogging capabilities are in place, submittals should be addressed to the webmaster.  See address above.

·         Be aware of and honor copyrights and proprietary information, regulations and laws.

·         Rules will be developed as deemed necessary by the Rules Committee.

For more information view the following video:


What this site is not:

·         This site has no political purpose or advocacy.  It is not sponsored by any group, formal or otherwise.  However, participants may express themselves freely regarding political subjects and matters.   The intent of this website is to provide an open and free venue for expression within the confines of civil discourse.

·         There has been quite a bit of time and effort spent documenting and preserving the history of Walhalla.  This website in no way wishes to undermine or usurp these efforts, but rather will provide a venue for augmenting and complementing prior efforts.

·         Specifically, this website functions independently of and is not affiliated with any of the official entities of the City of Walhalla, SC.

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