As stated above this site is designed primarily using user input.  Content is supplied by those willing to get involved and share their knowledge and experiences.  This format is referred to as a "wiki"  design or schema.   

To interact with this website the user requires an understand of the privileges assigned to them when they visit this website.  Each user sign-on has associated "permissions".  


Some basics. There are different levels of permissions:
1) viewer
This refers to the casual visitor surfing the web
2) registered viewer
This refers to a visitor who has a Google account. This person can "see" and use of the "blog" functionality
associated with most pages. Blog functionality refers to the Attachment and Comment fields located at the bottom
of most pages. You do need to be signed in to Google to use this functionality (see small "signin" at bottom of page).
3) collaborator
This person has the ability to create, maintain, and delete pages. 
4) webmaster
This person issues and maintains the permissions listed above. 

For viewers to use their blog permissions they come to the website via a browser (i.e, windows explorer, chrome, etc). To use the 
functionally of "collaborator" instructions are given at the time the webmaster sets up the user for these permissions.  For the "collaborator",
the difference will be that "Create page", "Edit", "more actions" will be displayed at the top right of the page. These three buttons allow
you to create and maintain the website pages. The edit function works like a word processor. Objects (pictures, spread sheets, etc )
can be moved to the page by using the Insert tab at the top left of the screen.

The best way to learn and become comfortable with the mechanics of this website is to try stuff as allowed within your permissions authorization.

 Get involved -- signup and add your comments to the commentary.